About Us

Bodyguard ID is a company that was formed in Jan 2010. We specialize in appropriate identification for Executive Protection Specialist/ Agents and Close Protection Officer as well as Executive Protection Agencies. Bodyguard ID was formed by a group of both seasoned and new Executive Protection Specialists/ Agents that recognized the need to come up with an official professional federal folio id that will best fit in the career field of a Executive Protection Specialist/ Agent.

With all the hard work and money an Agent and Officer put into by acquiring the necessary training and education to become an Executive Protection Specialist, it is only fair that he/she also has the proper Federal Folio ID to present themselves to their clients as well as others. Our main goal is to help you identify yourself as a professional Executive Protection Specialist and/or Officer.

We have spent months on research and development as well as talking with Federal Agents, Police Officers, Military Personal, Government Officials and Executive Protection Specialists and Agents regarding proper identification. With all the investment and the proper technology, we have designed and developed the official Executive Protection Specialist (EPS), Executive Protection Agent (EPA) and Executive Protection Officer (EPO) Federal Folio ID. Our main goal is to make this Executive Protection Folio ID national.

This Executive Protection Folio ID card will have some of the same features as the CIA, FBI and our state issued drivers’ licenses as well as our passport. However, these identification cards would have features that are virtually immune to forgery. There will be a bar code and a CR code as well as a signature on the Executive Protection Folio ID cards that can be scanned with a scanner reader that will show your required license numbers as well as your name and your photo which will be digitally imprinted on the id card.

Almost 5 years later, Bodyguard ID, LLC. has served thousands of Professionals in the Executive Protection Industry. As Bodyguard ID, LLC. continues to grow, we find new opportunities and new markets open up in our direction. We continue to seek new ventures and new affiliations. Bodyguard ID, LLC. will always continue to serve our clients. We continue to make a difference in the Executive Protection Industry. We are proud to say, that we are entering the Body Armor industry. We will strive to provide the best and most trusted products with the best prices to all our clients.

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